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3227: AR Game Concept_ Fugitive


Fugitive is an Augmented Reality stealth game for a Head-Mounted Display (Such as Google Glasses) that is set in the context of a shopping mall. The player plays as a Fugitive, hiding from agents that are out to catch him while looking for items to disguise himself and escape his pursuers.


When you enter your usual shopping mall, the lights begin to flicker and you feel that you are not alone. As you scan the crowds of people in the mall, you see a few suited Agents wearing shades despite being indoors. You feel this inexplicable need to run, hide and evade their attention as being caught by them would render your HMD useless for 30 minutes.  There are no maps. No indicators. All you have to rely on is pure stealth and wit in order to outsmart and outmaneuver the Agents.

You make use of crowds to break the line of sight. You hide around corners move fast to evade their attention. As you evade your first Agent, a subtle change in lighting occurs, directing you to certain places like Clothes stores and Cosmetics stores, where you can Equip items there to create a disguise. As time goes by, the pursuit gets more intense and culminates in your escape via a number of different possible methods.

Key features

  • The game will incorporate an adaptive difficulty that ensures that players can adjust to their “Stealth Mode” accordingly
  • Agents will be rendered as realistic but ominous humans that behave far too purposeful for being in a mall
  • Agents react realistically to crowds and will not “walk through” people
  • There will be no weapons or fighting, only evasion and trickery
  • The game would be able to access data on the types of shops in the mall and using the HMD, be able to identify items (such as a wig) within the store. These items can be Equipped by trying them on and doing a visual scan of it using the HMD.


First Person Stealth Thriller (Like Amnesia)


Head-Mounted Display such as Google Glasses